Hlemmur Food Hall is inspired by the great European food halls. Here, 10 ambitious vendors provide a sample of the best food Iceland has to offer.

Open 8am - 11pm

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Our Vendors

Brauð & Co

Brauð & co (Bread & co) is an artisan bakery renowned for its organic sourdough bread and buttery danishes. Here, guests can observe the bakers at work and ask them about ingredients, methods or the weather (every Icelander's favourite subject).  


Iceland's most renown smørrebrød (danish open-faced sandwiches) restaurant, Jómfrúin, operates a small but lively booth at Hlemmur. The chefs at Jómfrúin strive to uphold the smørrebrød tradition while invigorating it with local ingredients.

La poblana

Taqueria la Poblana serves authentic Mexican tacos and other delicious fare from the region. Founder Juan Carlos Peregrina Guarneros cooks food the way his mamá and nana taught him: Home made soft corn tortillas served with delicious meats and veggies and freshly made chili sauces. And a michelada crowned with spices to wash it down.



SKÁL! is an experimental bar & restaurant with a focus on foraged Icelandic ingredients and local traditions. Behind SKÁL! are chef and entrepreneur Gísli Matthías (founder of Slippurinn and Matur og Drykkur) and Björn Steinar Jónsson, founder of the Saltverk saltworks in Reykjanes. 

Micro Roast Te & Kaffi

Micro Roast Te & Kaffi is coffee bar with a focus on freshly-roasted and seasonal coffee, experimentation ad and craftsmanship. Te & Kaffi serves all things coffee-related as well as a range desserts and snacks. Their fair trade coffee is shipped daily from their roaster at Aðalstræti only a few blocks away.

Ísleifur heppni

Ísleifur serves fresh ice cream made from local dairy and other high-quality ingredients. Each ice cream is spun to order using liquid nitrogen, delivering an impossibly smooth, creamy texture. 


Kröst is the brainchild of Böðvar and Agnar Lemacks. Böðvar having earned his stripes at steakhouse Grillmarkaðurinn. Kröst specializes in fine French wines, cured meats, and various grilled delicacies. Kröst stands the test of time.


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RAbbar Barinn

At Rabbar Barinn, you can enjoy fresh, locally-grown vegetables, bright flowers, warming soups, juicy sandwiches, and wholesome juices. Bryndís Sveinsdóttir transports the freshest available produce directly from volcanic soil into the city's tote bags. 


Authentic Vietnamese street food: Vietnamese coffee and bánh mí sandwiches formed at a crossroads between French and Vietnamese cuisine. This medley of crisp pickles, savoury meats, sriracha, and fresh aromatics may just be the perfect sandwich. All based on Davíð Viet Quoc's secret family recipe passed down through generations of cooks.

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A family-run business from Reykjavík's westside focused on artisan Italian products, natural wines, and delicious plates that fuse Mediterranean and Icelandic traditions.